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Sales Training

Based on The Four Key Pillars of Sales Methodology © we teach teams to understand behaviours, follow the sales process and create an effective strategy, providing them with a growth mindset and confidence to increase their sales results.


All training is bespoke and carried out at your location or at a location arranged by you. Sessions for up to 12 can be performed in half days or full days to allow your operation to continue while training takes place.


Prior to training, each delegate will complete an online survey to ensure the course meets the specific requirements of both the company and staff. This ensures attendees are able to familiarise themselves with the objectives of the course in advance, which means they are more relaxed and ready to learn on the day.


Depending on the course contents, participants may also be asked to complete a DiSC Behaviour Profile. Find out more information about DiSC here.


Essential Sales

Ideal for team members who are new to sales. Giving them the skills they need to build strong relationships in order to gain confidence to close more sales and manage their pipelines.

Advanced Sales

Perfect for team members who have been working in sales but have never had any formal sales training. They will learn new skills to be able to close more sales with new techniques and increase their average value of sales.

Telephone Selling Skills

Whether they are appointment making, closing sales by phone, or setting appointments for themselves or colleagues, they will discover new ways to increase order values, productivity, and conversion rates.

Sales Management

Good sales management is the key to high performing sales teams. Understanding sales people and what motivates them helps them to perform to their maximum potential. Working on goal setting, behaviours, and mindset aids sales management and ultimately performance.

Negotiation Skills

Anyone can sell on price, the secret to negotiation is that everyone feels like a winner. There is no point in selling if you don’t make money. Developing a deeper understanding of added value will lead to higher value sales and improved customer service.

Field Sales Skills

Having a team on the road is an expensive overhead, so it’s important Field Sales, Business Development Managers, and Key Account Managers learn how to manage their time and productivity to maximise their return on investment. They will learn new skills to structure meetings with the correct people and produce high sales results.

Social Selling Skills

Sales has changed. Even if you have been selling for 30 years, you need to keep abreast of social media to make strong relationships with new prospects. Social selling will never replace traditional methods, but combining both leads to strong relationships, easier prospecting, and ultimately more sales.

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