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Communication Skills

Sales is at the heart of everything we teach, and as our mission statement suggests we believe sales and customer service is exactly the same thing. But everyone is a salesperson and poor communication often leads to bad service and loss of customers. Effective and efficient communication between departments improves customer service, which has a positive reflection not only in sales but staff morale. It’s a well-known fact happy people sell,
but happy people are also more productive and customer focused.


Remote Relationships


In the remote world we are currently living in, where meeting up for coffee and face to face client meetings are a thing of the past, how can you ensure your team are maximising internal and external relationships?


Wow Customer Service

We live in a world where we are judged by the latest Trip Advisor, Amazon, Which?, or Trust a Trade review, so it’s more important than ever that our team are going above and beyond to exceed customer expectations. But customer service is not the same for all customers. Using tried and tested methods, we understand how to adapt to different customers and learn how to WOW them to not only buy from you time after time but to refer you too.


Complaint Handling

Life would be great if every customer was happy all the time, but this is the real world and lots of customers get irate very quickly. We examine why customers react the way they do and how you can take control of the situation in the way that adapts to their behaviour style to resolve their issues.


Maximise Communication

Poor communication between internal departments has a huge effect on external perception and ultimately sales. We explore why communications break down between colleagues which can mean client deadlines are missed. We create a roadmap and systems to improve internal and external communications.

Time Management

Poor productivity has an effect on sales and customer service. Using The Big Balls System, we teach people to manage their time in a fun and memorable way. Using up to date technology, we move away from a linear to-do list, to help tasks to be done in priority order. We also look at how and when to delegate tasks.

Presentation Skills

Glossophobia - 'the fear of presenting and public speaking' is widespread and more common than you may think. Poor presentation skills can lead to losing sales to competitors who may appear more knowledgeable and polished. Using our tried and tested formula, we teach you not only how to create a knock out presentation but how to be able to understand the audience you are presenting to which gives you confidence and clarity to make impactful, memorable presentations.