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Imagine if your employees loved your business as much as you do...


The new concept to enhance successful teams, improve leadership, and develop culture change.


Intrapreneurship is the act of being an entrepreneur inside of a larger organisation. Wouldn’t it be perfect if all employees loved the business like the owner? Sadly, this is not the case. Often resources go to waste, projects aren’t planned and executed properly, and sales opportunities go amiss. But what if we told you that we can help to change your team members’ mindsets to learn to love the business they work for and increase intrapreneurship?


MD Alison Edgar uses her extensive experience working with Dragon’s Den and Apprentice Winners in the entrepreneurial landscape to help employees think like the UK’s top entrepreneurs. She helps employees to understand exactly what it is that makes an entrepreneur successful.




This module can be delivered either directly to leadership teams to implement within their teams (as used by The Discovery Channel) or can be rolled out to members of staff across multiple days of training to ensure operations can continue.

Alison uses her ‘What Would I Do If It Was My’ methodology to help employees think:

  • What would I do if it was my first day? – Treating everyday as if it was their first day, ensuring they are bringing the best possible mindset to work every day.
  • What would I do if it was my granny/relative? – Understanding internal and external customer behaviour types and how to adapt in order to provide a customer service that feels genuine and goes above and beyond, every time and build successful relationships.
  • What would I do if it was my business? – Thinking like an entrepreneur and understand that effort = reward. Giving employees autonomy to think like it is their business encourages innovation and increases conversion of sales.

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