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GripIt Fixings Case Study


Jordan Daykin, Managing Director

Some of us will have experienced that ‘Eureka!’ moment; a great invention enters our head … and we promptly do nothing about it.

But in 2008, when GripIt founder and director (and then-13 year old) Jordan Daykin and his grandfather came up with a solution for the widely experienced problem of hanging items on plasterboard walls which have narrow gaps behind them, they not only invented a solution which did the job better than any other product, they embarked on a four year journey to bring it to market.

Sales Coaching Solutions have assisted GripIt Fixings in creating a sales strategy, time management, customer relationship management and have been a helping hand whilst expanding the sales team. Highly recommended, Alison is very friendly and knows her stuff!

Working with Alison on sales strategy has lead to us exporting to 32 countries. She brings confidence to myself and my sales team to ensure we know that anything is possible. She recently invited me to attend No 10 Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister’s advisor to discuss the manufacturing and export of GripIt Fixings