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Discovery Inc Case Study


Discovery contacted Sales Coaching Solutions in order to improve their sales skills throughout the team.

After an initial call with MD Alison Edgar, Discovery Inc opted for sales training for their yearly off-site.

After initial surveys were sent out to participants, it was clear to us that our Intrapreneurship content would be better optimized to meet the aims and objectives specified by each member of staff.

Prior to training, members of staff were asked to fill out a survey to identify their key challenges and objectives, which allowed Sales Coaching Solutions to tailor the training specifically to their needs. With management’s consent, Sales Coaching Solutions were able to change from Sales training to Intrapreneurship training in order to get the most from participants and meet their needs.

Sales Coaching Solutions provided the team with bespoke Intrapreneurship training. Focusing on the ‘What Would I do if it was My?” methodology. We held a large group session; looking at both the sales challenges the team faced and helping them to better understand the importance of thinking like an Intrapreneur.

Areas which were focused on included; mindsets, behaviours, time management, questioning techniques, wow customer service, closing techniques, confidence, and goal setting.

“The part of the course which I enjoyed the most was the way the course opened up the group, to better understand the brilliant team I work with and how to work better with them.”

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