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The Guide to starting a Business


The Guide to starting a Business

When we dream of starting a business it’s usually because we want the freedom of working for ourselves and the adventure of following our dreams and building something around our passions and talents.

But starting a business is like having a baby – it doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

There’s so much to do it can seem overwhelming.

The Entrepreneur’s Godmother – Guide to Starting a Business is our new online course. It’s provides you with everything you need to start your own business.


What does the course cover?

  1. How to find the right idea for your business
  2. How to test your idea quickly to see if there’s a market for it
  3. How to identify and target the right market for your business
  4. Setting the right kind of goals
  5. How to start marketing your product or service
  6. How to start using social media to promote your product or service
  7. Pricing what you do
  8. Building a brand
  9. Turning your goals into plans
  10. Testing your business model works

It also covers practical things around funding, legal issues and accountants.


What support will you get?

If you complete the course and all of the activities – you should have everything you need to start a successful business.

You’re probably going to want to go back and repeat a lot of the activities in the course, as you develop your ideas and business.

There’s at least 7 hours of content and activities – most of it will be the time you spend working on the activities. Only you can do that. But my team and I will be there to support you every step of the way.

To make that possible we’ve set up a private Slack community just for students of my courses. That community is a direct line to me and my mobile phone. You can ask anything and expect an answer. Slack is much better than Facebook or LinkedIn groups because you aren’t surrounded by distractions and there are no adverts.

You can send me a direct message with any questions you have, but you can also benefit from the questions and answers other people are sharing.


100% Money-back Guarantee

We believe strongly in what we do and if for any reason you are unhappy with the course we will refund your money as long as you notify us within 14 days or purchase.


Are you ready to turn ideas into Action?


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