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Easy Peasy Sales


Easy Peasy Sales

Who does the sales in your business?

Our open course is specifically designed for people who are involved in sales.


  • Business owners of Start Up and Micros
  • Owner Managed businesses: Freelancers, self-employed
  • Sales Directors, Sales Executives, Sales Assistants


For every different level of skill and experience, there is a reason to attend.


  1. Laying a solid foundation of sales knowledge
  2. Refresh sales techniques and learn new skills
  3. Learn from someone else’s experience to give you ideas for generating more sales.



Behaviour Profiling:

You need to understand your behaviour so that you can understand and adapt to that of your customers. Recognising and acting on this can build understanding on how to alter your sales approach to increase successful sales interactions.


  • Why people buy – the four buying motives
  • Plot yourself on the scale – Introvert/extrovert, task/ relationship focused
  • How to recognise the different behaviours, and what signs to look for
  • The ying and the yang of different buying behaviours



This is a tried and tested process used by Blue Chip companies. Alison has developed the process to have best customer service in mind.


  • Organisation, what does that mean when it comes to selling
  • Introduction, the 4 Ws that make a compelling elevator pitch
  • Questioning techniques
  • Closing, 4 different ways to close for even the most unconfident sales people

Including, exercises that will put into practice what you have learned



Most businesses have a business plan, most businesses have a marketing strategy, very few have a sales strategy.


  • How, when, who to sell to
  • Raise your profile with the Movers and Shakers
  • Plan to take your business to market
  • LINKEDIN! It’s the sales person’s best friend. How to connect correctly.



This is the last thing on the itinerary because all of the above help lead to increasing your sales confidence


  • Take the leap and turn your passion into profit
  • Networking – what to do before, during and after
  • Meet like-minded business people and make quality connections
  • Boost your sales confidence with a win-win mindset



What is your biggest sales challenge? This is your opportunity to ask any sales question to Alison. Learn from others; although the business will be different often the challenges are similar!


Please contact us regarding the dates and location of our next Easy Peasy Sales workshop.