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Bath Boutique Stays Case Study


Marcus Whittington, Director

Marcus contacted Sales Coaching Solutions to improve efficiency of their sales department and increase profitability

We visited Marcus at Bath Boutique Stays to get a feel for how the company worked and observe their current work practices. We listened in on their telephone calls and saw how the team worked together. Once observations were complete we started to look at the overall strategy, focusing on what support would be best for Bath Boutique Stays.

Sales Coaching Solutions provided the team with sales and customer service coaching. We held group sessions; looking at their questioning techniques, their enquiry strategy and how they could maximise their sales. This was then following up by individual coaching sessions, both face to face with customers and listening in to their telephone calls. Marcus recalls Sales Coaching Solutions “engaged the team and customers in challenging environments, impacting quickly upon our business in a positive manner, delivering quick, measurable results.”


As a result of our input Bath Boutique Stay’s monthly turnover greatly increased; in September 2014 they exceeded sales target by £12,000. Marcus expressed that “this is organic and sustained growth and is evident in a cost effective manner.” He recalls “by coaching the team and ensuring they understand the sales process, Sales Coaching Solutions increased their confidence greatly and this lead to improvements in staff morale, productivity and motivation. This also enabled us to really build our product portfolio and grow Bath Boutique Stays’ property range.”


Bath Boutique Stays were advised about available government funding and after applying they received their Growth Voucher. Public awareness grew and they have now featured on the Business is GREAT Britain website. For 2014, Bath Boutique Stays won the Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence award. “Without the work of Sales Coaching Solutions these positive steps would not have happened.”  

“We are on track to quadruple our enquiries, triple our turnover and double our profits”

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