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Case Studies


Jordan Daykin, Managing Director

“Sales Coaching Solutions have assisted GripIt Fixings in creating a sales strategy, time management, customer relationship management and have been a helping hand whilst expanding the sales team.


Highly recommended, Alison is very friendly and knows her stuff!”

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Marcus Whittington, Director

Sales Coaching Solutions provided the team with sales and customer service coaching. We held group sessions; looking at their questioning techniques, their enquiry strategy and how they could maximise their sales. This was then following up by individual coaching sessions, both face to face with customers and listening in to their telephone calls. Marcus recalls Sales Coaching Solutions “engaged the team and customers in challenging environments, impacting quickly upon our business in a positive manner, delivering quick, measurable results.”

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Mark and Alison Hardy, Business Owners

No Letting Go successfully applied to the Growth Vouchers scheme and were allocated a voucher under the marketing and sales category.


They enlisted the help of Sales Coaching Solutions. “They embraced this way of going about things and supported us with a strong sales strategy and coaching techniques. “

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Find your Sales Mojo again!

’’Sales Coaching Solutions were brought in to coach our “flagging” sales department and as a member of that team I can honestly say their fresh and vibrant approach has made a real difference. They are eager to listen, to empathise, and to create solutions in a way that removes psychological barriers and resistance to change, and instead enthuses you to want to do a good job. Group training and one-to-one coaching have been tailored to fit my industry - important I believe in helping deliver as my employees would expect. I would not hesitate to recommend Sales Coaching Solutions to any firm looking to kick start their sales employees and find their Sales Mojo once again!’’

Jason Delaney, Goodman Nash Ltd - Sales Department

Her enthusiasm and passion is contagious

"Alison's engaging down to earth style left our team absolutely buzzing and when asked what they loved about it they described their training as: " Fun", "engaging", " interactive", " loved the way she asked us to repeat everything back to make sure we got it!", and "Alison is so knowledgeable". Although we only started working with her last October, Alison has shown herself to be a great people person who naturally builds rapport making you feel that you have known her for years. Her enthusiasm and passion is contagious and she has been a massive help to me and my team."

Caroline Bennett, ntouch - Director

Delivering immediate, measurable results

"Sales Coaching Solutions have impacted quickly upon our business in a positive manner delivering quick, measurable results, engaging our team and customers in challenging environments. We benefit from organic and sustained growth which is evident in a cost effective manner. We would have no hesitation in sharing this privileged expertise with other business owners.’’

Marcus Whittington, Bath Boutique Stays - Director